Most popular Content Management Systems for the Internet

Most popular Content Management Systems for the Internet


There are abundance alternatives to choosing content management systems for an enlargement venture. Depending upon how sophisticated you need the CMS to be, what language you use in it and who is going to use it. Some are easy to understand and some are hard to teach without some training. In this article we will discuss most functional Content Management Systems (in shortly) to use in your text development.




WordPress is the most usable CMS which is frequently used in making WordPress sites and it is a comprehensive text editor. It is also like a platform which allows us to use PHP codes for theme developers. It is a great platform for those who are new or beginners. The new version of WordPress automatically installs the new plug-ins and core. The WordPress users produce about 31.7 million new posts and 39.7 million new comments each month. So we can say WordPress generate high income.


Drupal CMS


Drupal is another very large CMS which is frequently used to edit text online. Drupal has very active community, new features are added frequently. It is specifically designed for developers who like to build professional sites. There are many features of Drupal but the most popular feature of Drupal is Taxonomy module which allows multiple levels and type of category and types of contents.




In terms of functionality, Joomla is very advanced CMS. Joomla is similar to Drupal as it’s a complete CMS. Joomla is pretty administration interface, have complete with initiative drop down menus and other important features. Joomla site has can host more than 3200 extensions.


Express Engine


For any type of project, ExpressEngine (EE) is a stylish and flexible solution which is designed to be extensible and easy to amend or modify. It is fantastic for creating websites for those clients that need backend without getting confused. It is packed with helpful features like the ability to have multiple sites with a single installation of the software.


Text Pattern


Text pattern is a best choice for designers because of its simplicity. The main motto of Text Pattern is to provide excellent Content Management System. The text pattern uses textile markup in the text area to create HTML elements within the pages. The pages that are generated with text pattern are lightweight and can load fast.


Radiant Content Management System


The content management systems which we have discussed earlier are all PHP programs. Although PHP is the most important language for web development, but it doesn’t mean that we should neglect other popular languages like Ruby. Radiant is built on the popular Ruby framework.


Cushy CMS


The Cushy Content Management System is a special type of CMS on the whole. It has all the necessary functionality of a regular CMS, but it does not rely on a particular language. Actually the CMS is a hosted solution. There is no fear of download or future upgrades to worry about. Cushy CMS is free for anyone and there is an option of upgrade it.