How the new Chromebook might change the PC

How the new Chromebook might change the PC


How much would you pay for a simple computer? You will pay reasonable price for a personal computer. Google introduces a new Chromebook based on the idea of doing almost everything online. This book has Google Chrome OS operating system. This operating system uses web based applications like Gmail,Google Drive, and Google Map etc. instead of locally stored programs. This book focuses web based applications which allows you to do everything online. This article includes basic specifications as well as caparison between a general PC and Chromebook.



Characteristics of new Chromebook:


This book has silver colored with printed logos of “Samsung” as well as Google in front of it. This new book contains 11.6 in. 1366 X 768 display. That is a little smaller than the 12.1 in. 1280 X 800 displays on the preceding Chromebook models. It is hard to tell much of difference at a simple glance or a bit bird’s eye view. This book has built-in webcam and microphone with SD slot on its left side, along with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port. It has Wi-Fi and 3G capability version. The buyer can also get 100 GB Google drive storage for two years at a subscription of $120.



Chromebook feels great to use:


The new Samsung Chromebook has the same keyboard as used in past devices with advanced features. Keyboard keys have equal spaces, quick to respond and pleasure to type on it. Chrome keyboard provides you the best experience as you feel by using laptop keyboard. Like its ancestors, it has been personalized with abundant keys exact to the Chrome OS environment. The new Chrome book’s path pad is not less inspiring, it is downier and receptive with precise movement of one or two finger gestures. The range of pad support one or two gestures. The pad is built for fingers touch, for example, one finger works of left clicks and two fingers works as double click or right click.


Amazingly good presentation


When I first saw the new book glasses, I was a bit astonished about how it would perform. It has only 2 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). It has also equipped with an ARM-based processor and is fan free. When the processor is run, it does not emit audible noise. This is plus thing in this book. The system manages itself to restraint usage without any slowdowns. It takes 10 seconds to start and takes 5 more seconds after type your Google account credentials. With my experience I was able to open numerous windows and tabs without any problem.


Gallery of Chromebook 2012


The Chrome OS has its useful built-in benefits. You need not to update any of its applications because it automatically updates everything and you need not to customize it. It has reasonable price which is less than an iPod. It is lightweight, portable and it represents the true future of the PC. Its price is cheaper than a PC and hence affordable.