10 Free Blog Themes for WordPress

10 Free Blog Themes for WordPress

If you are wondering or tired from looking themes that are full of graphics, you might want to go for simple and modern WordPress themes. In addition to having least modern elements, these themes provide the developers and designers the right way to developing and decorating them further. WordPress has many beautiful and awesome themes that you can choose for your blog. In this article we are offering most 10 free blog themes for WordPress which are completely free for users and developers. These modern and splendid themes will definitely motivate you to modify your blog’s appearance. Even you can also try your hand at designing and amendment these themes at your own choice.


The studio is a WordPress theme which is simple, modern and clean. This design and quotes is amazing for both designers and artists to express their imaginative work. The studio theme is well-suited with Safari and WordPress. It is optimized for SEO and supported theme video also.


According to its name, Delicate is a straightforward and fresh theme. This free design can be customized to your blog’s requirements. Delicate theme can be controlled and arranged precisely creation it awful customizable.


It is a beautiful smallest WordPress theme designed for showcasing projects and other creative skills. It has a complete collection of skilled page templates, a beautifully designed front page, pretty blog design, stylish and beautiful portfolio page, and operational customer contact form. You can also add a logo of your company as per your wish.

New York, New York Theme:

The famousNew Yorkmagazine inspiration for this theme is a glittering example of its importance. It has a white background which gives a cool look. This is a fixed width theme.


We can say that Imbalance is modern and fascinating WordPress theme. Its drawing is very simple and nevertheless stylish. In addition to a free theme, it is easy to use. This theme works frequently in any browser and any operating system. You can use it in your magazine, blog and portfolio.


This theme looks like a blog and it is perfect for designers, photographers to displays their expertise. In collections of free blog themes for WordPress, this is the one which helps to show abilities in its writing posts. This theme work glowing when you focus on it.


This free theme provides an environment which is user friendly and easy to organize. As its name, it is designed with inspiring magazine style. It has auto produced thumbnails and a separate photo segment.


According to its interesting name, it is a very flexible theme. It gives liberty to user in choosing related posts on the home page. It also gives the user the option to add Flickr stream in the footer of the web page.


It is really an efficient WordPress theme that doesn’t go off its visual design elements. Everyone can customize it and it is very creative for professionals.

TextBack Theme:

This theme is amazingly clear and has an extremely shining white background. The design of this stylish theme is set for every blog, from tarot to tech. These were all free blog themes for WordPress.