5 Best PC Games of 2019

5 Best PC Games of 2016


Every year we found different games which are amazing for users and game lovers. 2016 has also introduced some best and wonderful games for PC like adventures, Puzzle, birthday party games and many more and as the year developed, there are getting better. There are a wide variety of PC games on the internet and sometime user feel the confusion that which game should be played and it is true. This article will let you know about 5 best PC Games that you can play and decide which one best is to play.



Naraba’s World (Labyrinth of Light)


The children who like educational games and want to learn through games, Naraba is the best game for children within the ages four and nine. This is a game which is a group of steamy island where you can move from one island to another island and also can play mini games. In this game you can customize the any character at your own will which co-operate the people who live on this island. These characters get instructions and complete mission. The aim of these missions or activities to reinforce the lessons of the school about missing someone loved and contains many subjects.


Quantum Conundrum


Quantum Conundrum is the first PC game by Kim Swift which is a famous game similar to Portal. The story of this game is that you are to play with a 10 year old child who is the nephew of Professor Fitz Quandwrangle. He is a scientist, who is trapped in a length, where all misplaced items like shoes, socks vanish. You have to solve the puzzle by travel through four lengths of your uncle’s house. You are guided through your uncle’s voice. You can increase your thinking speed by playing this game because this puzzle has full of brain teasers.


A Virus Named Tom


This is another well-liked PC game which is a cross between Pacman and Dexter’s Lab. This is about a loose DNA thread in a corporation’s database which causes failure of corporation’s devices by infecting them. You have to prepare continues chain after spin hubs to interlocking the broken pieces. It seems easy but since you chasing against time, you have to complete the tasks within the time specified.


Toki Tori 2


Toki Tori 2 is the one of above games which is developed by its fans. This game is developed with the help of its large number of fans and players. There is an egg which moves from different places and fight with different things. Some animals and birds help it during his its whole journey. At the end the egg reached to the sky which is its winning.




Monacois a four player game where your role is like a criminal and you are attempting to steal cash and loot from different places. From all the above games,Monacohas won award for its pretty design. All games mentioned above are the best 5 PC games in the year of 2012.

This was it for the Top 5, now let’s celebrate the winners with some delicious cake pictures!