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What the website includes?


This website includes different latest news on Technology, Computers, Coding, WordPress, and Video Games. There are different categories like Coding, Computers, Technologies, Video Games and WordPress. These categories show different features of the topics which it held.


Category of Technology


In the category of Technology, there is most fascinating new technology in 2012. A technology introduced day by day with some innovations and some new invented. This category of the website includes most new technologies invented in 2012. As the world developed there is a new change in such technologies.


Category of Computers


Under the category of computers, this website includes the new Chromebook which is developed by the Google with the cooperation of Samsung. This section shows you the different models, features and software reviews of Chromebook.


Category of Coding


Coding category will let you know about most popular content management systems which are helpful for developers as well as for designers. Also inform you about different features of popular content management systems. This also includes most suitable CMS for which a designer chooses for coding.


Category of WordPress


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System for designers and lovers of coding. This category contains an article named “10 Free Blog Themes for WordPress”. Under this article there are most to 10 themes which are available for users as well as WordPress developers free of cost. This article not only includes just names of such themes but also provides details, features and other important information about themes.


Category of Video Games


Children like to play video games. What you think if such games include lessons and exercises for children? This article includes five best PC games; some of them include lessons for children. Parents of the students, who are weak in their study, should prefer these games for their children.

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